Managing is a tough job and without help and support when you need it it’s even tougher. The 6 Quick Guides are just that. Guides to the key skills that you need as a manager and the first one answers the question. What does a manager do?

The Quick Guides introduce the key skills of Delegation, Feedback, Motivation, Meetings and Planning and Time Management. Each guide introduces you to the skill, shares with you what to do now, Challenges you and offers some inspirational quotes.

Bought to you by Bridget Marchi. Bridget is a very experienced Learning and Development Manager and Executive Coach. She has a wealth of experience of managing teams from 1 to 12 people in a variety of industries and has coached and developed managers and leaders at all levels and disciplines.

webpic3Bridget is passionate about the importance of the skill of management and how important it is to develop the disciplines of management from the very beginning of your career.

Whilst is for new and inexperienced managers, you will find much of value regardless of where you are in your career.


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