Question: What do all people have in common?

Answer: They all ask questions that start “How do I..?”

We all need help and a sounding board.  When we don’t know or need the confidence to make a decision it’s a great help to have someone that supports us.

The sooner that help and support is available the better.  To be a success everyone needs really strong core skills. Time management, for example,  and the huge number of skills that great managers have in order to make a positive difference.

I hate it when people struggle. They don’t need to.  I’ve been there and it’s not great.

webpic3I’m passionate about helping and supporting people understand and embed knowledge and skills at the point they need it. Yes, I’ve read the book but crucially I’ve tried everything that I deliver on, and I deliver practical workable solutions.

Experiencing a positive result where it matters mean immediate results.  And crucially develops great habits. With  with online learning you can do that.  No role play just real people in real situations; immediately goes straight to the heart of the manner. I deliver online workshops that focus on the skills we all need in order to succeed in our careers. Foundation skills that have a positive impact.

With over 25 years of experience in Learning and Development my passion is helping individuals succeed in the small daily steps they need to take whilst keeping an eye on the end goal and moving towards it.

If you are struggling with a situation and want some advice or a sounding board of then email me

I’ll be happy to help and it won’t cost you a bean.


“Every single day. You can’t think about the end goal, you’ve just got to think about Monday, think about Tuesday. Everyone has a Mount Everest and if you look at Mount Everest and say I want to climb that thing, it’s scary. But when you can break it up and just think about one day at a time then all of a sudden you get to the top of the mountain and you realise you are at the top of the mountain”. Kobe Bryant. has been created with the purpose of developing the knowledge and skills that people must have to be successful. Learning at their pace and at a time that suits, knowledge and skills are put into practise straight away. Crucially they stick as the skills are put in place – where it matters- at work and not in the training room.

The traditional method of learning is to take a day or more away from the work environment and absorb a great deal of information in a short space of time. Any practise in a training room is done with the other delegates. All the material then has to be committed to memory and taken back to work. Once the delegate has caught up with any backlog and sorted out any problems their new knowledge is beginning to be a distant memory and they can’t go back and refresh their memory.

With online learning delegates learn at their pace and at a time that suits them. Working in manageable chunks they can put new knowledge into action straight away, in real situations.  If they want they can go over it again, or move on to the next stage. They learn the skill, immediately making a difference in the real world, and  benefit from seeing the difference the skills make.  All ‘delegates’ are encouraged to plan out their learning and share their learning experience by asking and working on the feedback they receive. Not only do they learn and embed their skills, but also encourage others to learn by building strong communication and feedback loops. Essential skills for developing strong high performing teams – that get results.


The online workshops at are developed so that they are logical and easy to absorb.  Appealing to the most impatient and time pressed learner, learning is absorbed into the work pattern of each day with no more than 30 minutes of time set aside for viewing the material. All the videos are engaging and focus on practical help and support; and unless a theoretical understanding accelerates success then we don’t go there. There is plenty of back up material to download and audio ‘books’  are currently being developed.  Each online course all comes with a managers guide so that their manager knows the best way to support their learning.  Delegates share their learning with their own manager agreeing objectives and goals and reporting back on their progress. And if their objectives change they can go back as each online course has lifetime access*. The investment in the workshops is ongoing, highly practical and delivers real results.

*terms and conditions apply