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I have been a learning and development manager for many years and I know first hand how challenging it can be to find quality development options that make a difference and allow people the room to make a commitment to learning in their busy days even if they want to learn and to change. And then of course real life gets in the way. How many times have you scheduled a course only to find that someone or a couple of people can’t make it on the day? The trains are on the blink, someone is sick or a crises has taken place. It happens to everyone – I  had to leave a course, that I’d organised, half way through.  I’d got stuck in snow  and had to abandon the car. It was upset me, the other delegates and the trainer or upset the police. It happens but it’s frustrating, costly, sends out the wrong message, upsets the planning of the course and the delegate doesn’t benefit from the investment, but life does happen and rather than fight it and try and change the world I decided to look for solutions that went with it rather than against it and so the idea for www.whatdoesamangerdo.com was born. 

quote 3There are so many reasons why online learning is beneficial. For instance. If you have to develop a number of people on a single subject it doesn’t have to be for that many people before you are looking at a considerable amount of time to get them all done. Even with a team of six people it can take you a year to get them all through the development options. They can’t all attend at the same time and then you have to avoid peak holiday times and peak work times. By the time you’ve got the last lot the first lot have moved on, Either to other companies or teams or they want to focus on another skill set. You’ve lost a great opportunity for shared learning and the team building benefits of working on the same development at the same time. You know this stuff and you know how much it can hold a project back. What about the times that you’ve arranged training for individuals and teams but it takes quite a while to get everything in place and then sometimes that need is lost. It takes a great manager to think far enough ahead so that the development is run when it’s needed and not when they have time to think about it. 

I loved doing the job that you are doing but it was filled with frustrations and not being able to deliver high quality development to someone when they needed and wanted it in a way that would make the learning stick was one of the big ones. That was then coupled with the fact that once the learning had taken place it was effectively lost. Who wants to attend a course for a second time and they shouldn’t have to but retention of learning from a traditional classroom is low and that is even with the individuals manager is a active coach as a essential adjunct to their learning. 

There are some things that you lose with online learning. For example; there is a very great benefit of gathering a group of people together in a forum where they feel comfortable about discussing there issues but you can replicate that and I can discuss and guide you through that process. There is no doubt that attending a course can give someone a real break from the daily routine and get the distance and perspective of what they need to do to achieve results and certainly there are certain learning needs that will never be replicated online. The benefits of an event of raft building and leading a team are not going to be replicated in front of a computer screen but saving precious time and money for the must have events like that and using your budgets and increasing opportunities to connect with individuals and meet their learning needs  more  can be met by online learning.

Please feel free to have a look at the launch calender of courses. www.whatdoesamangerdo.com is in a major launch phase and starts with time management on September 14th and will be followed by an introduction to management course. The equivalent of three days in the training room.

All courses can be customised for your own particular needs and if you would like a sample or to discuss your needs then please contact bridget@whatdoesamanagerdo.com